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TruCreate Collage of the owners

Christin and Zachary Hunter (Owners)

Hey there! I'm Christin Hunter, the creative half of TruCreate, co-piloted by my other half, Zachary. We're the dynamic duo behind the scenes, juggling business and family life in sunny Mesa, Arizona.

My world at TruCreate is a colorful mix of graphic design, account wrangling, and occasionally playing hide and seek with my sanity. Our four kids are the real bosses, each with their own unique superpowers, keeping us on our toes. Our household is a lively circus, complete with three dogs who think they're in charge and a beta fish that's convinced it's a shark.

Zachary, the man who can find a solution to a problem we didn't even know we had, is the mastermind of operations. He's the king of supply chain logistics, local deliveries, and making sure our shipments don't take detours to the Bermuda Triangle.

Together, we've turned TruCreate into a melting pot of creativity, laughter, and the occasional “Why is there another dog photo on the printer?” moment. It's not just our business; it's a wild, wonderful ride that blends our passion for creativity with our love for our Mesa community and our slightly chaotic but utterly delightful family life.

Our modern day world is so connected that you quite literally have access to infinite products at your fingertips. We are over the moon that you chose to check out our small business!


TruCreate Collage of the CoFounder

Paige Munguia (Co-Founder and COO)

Hii! I'm Paige, an integral part of the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels TruCreate. My journey with Christin and Zachary has been an exhilarating ride of innovation and business savvy. Alongside this, my husband and I run a barbershop, blending his hairstyling skills with our shared entrepreneurial zeal. Our life is a vibrant mosaic of business, creativity, and the joys and challenges of raising three energetic children.

Battling an autonomic nervous system disorder, I find my strength in weightlifting – my personal arena of resilience and empowerment. When not at the gym, I'm often exploring the mysteries of astrology and delving into spiritual depths.

As TruCreate's Chief Operations Officer, I orchestrate a diverse range of responsibilities, from account management to the intricate dance of accounting. Graphic design is another realm where I unleash my creativity. Every day here is a unique blend of challenges and victories, and I absolutely love it. TruCrete is more than a job; it's a place where my entrepreneurial drive and creative passions come together in perfect synergy.